City of Cambridge's Attack upon Seniors
Last updated: Dec. 26, 2009
Remember 2010 is an election year for the Mayor and Council members - hold them accountable.


The Mayor, and the City of Cambridge, do not want the poor and the elderly living in secondary housing units, such as basement apartments and granny suites.  He fails to recognize the dire need for such accommodations, especially during this recession, when many families are losing their homes due to job losses, and seniors are on low fixed incomes. 


 As a senior citizen couple who reside in our own home "in a granny suite", my wife and I have been told that the stove in our kitchen must be removed.  I visited this mayor face to face in a meeting on April 2/09, and that is what he told me.  Our home is occupied only by blood relatives, my wife and I, and my adult son and his young family.  The fact we are blood relatives means nothing to this mayor, he classifies my wife and I as "illegal tenants". 


We will be forced to cook our meals on the back yard barbecue for the summer, and god help us during next winter. 

 A Supreme Court ruling on the acceptance of secondary housing units was presented to this mayor, but it means nothing to him.  Many older people from our church, that live in basement or granny suites, in the homes of their adult children, are living in fear that they might be forced to leave their families, if they are caught by the City of Cambridge Enforcement Gestapo. 


Aging parents find great comfort and feel secure living in the homes of their adult children.  Their children can provide them with day to day guidance, and it removes the fear of having to enter a nursing home in the future.  Even the daily involvement with the grandchildren results in better mental and physical health for aging grandparents that live with their families, independently, and in a granny suite type of living quarters.  Anyone who objects to this mistreatment of low income earners and elderly people, who desperately need this type of housing accommodation, is encouraged to contact the mayor, and let him know how you feel. 

Thank you,  John Newton

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